WovenRope Cable Mesh

WovenRope Cable Mesh

Unique mesh structure.flexible.high security.widely application
- Ecomomical
- Light weight,High open area % .
- Corrosion resistant,allows strongh airflow.
- Total pro-environment,recyclable,no toxic,non flammable.Maintenaance free,don’t ask any special cleaning & coating.
- At least 10 years rust and quality guaranteed.High security and safety.


Cable Mesh Structure

Wovenrope™ cable mesh is weaving by stainless steel wire ropes, Square mesh when you stretched at 90 degree angle.
Stainless steel cableRopes diameter: from 1.2mm – 3.0mm
Rope Structure: 7×7,7×19
Mesh size: Opening width ( OW ) from 20mm – 120mm,opening height ( OH ) from 20mm – 120mm
Customized rope mesh width and length mesh  

Opening ( 90°)
Rope Diameter
1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.2mm
20mm x 20mm WD1220        
25mm x 25mm WD1225 WD1525      
30mm x 30mm WD1230 WD1530      
38mm x 38mm WD1238 WD1538 WD2038    
51mm x 51mm WD1251 WD1551 WD2051 WD2551 WD3251
60mm x 60mm WD1260 WD1560 WD2060 WD2560 WD3260
76mm x 76mm WD1276 WD1576 WD2076 WD2576 WD3276
90mm x 90mm   WD1590 WD2090 WD2590 WD3290
102mm x 102mm   WD15102 WD20102 WD25102 WD32102
120mm x 120mm     WD20120 WD25120 WD32120

Edge Finsh


Edge Finish