Flexible Stainless Steel Hand Woven Cable Mesh Knotted Type

Flexible Stainless Steel Hand Woven Cable Mesh Knotted Type


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WovenRope Cable Mesh Structure

WovenRope Mesh StructureWovenRope stainless steel hand woven cable mesh knotted type is made from stainless steel wire ropes,woven by hand,diamond mesh
Optimal angle : 90°.
Available AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel
Rope diameter : 1.2mm,1.6mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.2mm
Opening size : 20mm x 20mm to 120mm x 120mm
Customized nets width and length

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Hand Woven Cable Mesh

Hand Woven Rope Mesh

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  • WovenRope Cable Mesh No.

    WovenRope Mesh Structure

    Opening ( 90°)
    OW X OW
    Rope Diameter
    1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.2mm
    20mm x 20mm WD1220        
    25mm x 25mm WD1225 WD1525      
    30mm x 30mm WD1230 WD1530      
    38mm x 38mm WD1238 WD1538 WD2038    
    51mm x 51mm WD1251 WD1551 WD2051 WD2551 WD3251
    60mm x 60mm WD1260 WD1560 WD2060 WD2560 WD3260
    76mm x 76mm WD1276 WD1576 WD2076 WD2576 WD3276
    90mm x 90mm   WD1590 WD2090 WD2590 WD3290
    102mm x 102mm   WD15102 WD20102 WD25102 WD32102
    120mm x 120mm     WD20120 WD25120 WD32120

    Easily Install

    Compared with DecorRope cable mesh.Wovenrope cable mesh also is installed on wire rod,tubular frame or tension cable with special edge design.

    Inquiry WovenRope Cable Mesh

    e.g. WD550,E01.WxL

    • WD1550: Opening (OW)=50 mm
    • Edge finish: E01
    • Width: W
    • Length: L
    • Quantity: for shipping freight checking
    • Drawing if it is necessary
  • CO Subsystem

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