What You Want In VoiP Phone Systems

When we asked you what you wanted from VoIP phone systems you had a few things to say

You said you wanted:
• Something that was dead simple to set up
• That delivered all the features you need
• At a great price
• No pushy salespeople

We listened and created the Birchills phone system in a box –it’s perfect for VoIP phone systems

• It’s all simple plug and play
• On a thirty day contract — so there is no long term lock in
• Just connect to the internet and it works

And now even the phones are free

• It’s really simple you just don’t need techies
• And you save a bundle with no hardware costs and low low call costs
• You can keep your phone numbers or add new ones

And all the great business features such as auto attendant, call queues and voicemail are all included free

Birchills Telecom phone system in a box is the simple VoIP phone systems solution that makes perfect sense.

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Post time: Dec-06-2016