Video Installation Directions for the Universal Adjustable Pipe Burner. — Universal Pipe Burner is Adjustable to fit into thousands of different brand and model of barbecue! This burner safely adjusts from 12 to 18.5 inches to replace any natural gas or propane grill using a straight burner between 12 and 18.5 inches.

This Video shows the burner installed into a Perfect Flame and into a Ducane barbecue with instructions to show any one how to easily and safely repair a barbeque grill with this burner. The directions on this video show how to adjust the burner, install the burner, various ways to mount the burner into any barbeque grill and how to adjust the air shutter where the venturi of the burner attaches to the control valve orifice.

This is one of many videos by Majestic Grill Parts in Florida. We repair all grills, fire pits and fireplaces and make all replacement parts available worldwide. Look for all types of demonstrative and instructional videos here and at

Post time: Dec-07-2016