Threaded Check Valve,Reflux Valve,Stainless Steel Check Valve Threaded Check Valves
Threaded check valve, also known as reflux valve, one-way valve or non return valve, is installed on one-way flow pipelines. It is mainly composed of valve body, disc and spring. It is used to prevent backflow and leakage of medium in the pipe, such as fluid, gas, etc. This stainless steel check valve is also applied to stop reversal of pump and driving motor. Threaded check valve can be widely applied in tap water, sewage, construction, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, textile, electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgy, and other pipeline systems.
1. Threaded check valves feature rational structure, reliable sealing and beautiful shape.
2. High reliability and long service time are also reflux valves’ main features.
3. It can be installed easily both on vertical and horizontal pipelines.
4. Flow channel is unobstructed and fluid resistance is small.
5. Disc closes fast because the travel journey of disc is small.
6. Water hammer pressure and impact force when closing valve is small.
Advantages of Threaded Stainless Steel Check Valve
1. Sealing: Small friction between sealing surfaces ensures low wear rate of sealing component.
2. Surface: Two times shot blasting processing of valve surface make threaded check valve look fine and smooth.
3. Valve Body: Precision casting technology is adopted for manufacturing valve body.
4. Disc:
1) CNC processing technology is adopted to produce disc.
2) Disc restrainer is designed to prevent that the open position of disc is too high to be shut down.
3) Disc of threaded check valve (reflux valve) is with high strength and stiffness.
4) The disc sealing surface can be customized. Customer can choose sealing material for disc sealing surface according to needs.
5. Axis Pin: High strength solid axis pin is installed precisely to assure valve’s reliable performance and long service life.
6. Rocker: Rocker is with enough strength. Adequate degree of freedom makes it very easy for disc to close.

Post time: Dec-04-2016