Third Aluminum Melt

I got bored and felt like melting more metal. Melted down parts from old hard drives, and other misc aluminum pieces. I only used like 4 cans this time, and had alot less dross.

I’m working on bigger better furnace so I can use my size 6 crucible.

Fuel source is regular BBQ charcoal.
The sand I pour in around the metal can is just regular playground sand.
The black pipe feeds the air into the small soup can under the coffee can, it doesn’t receive much of the heat and serves to funnel the air into the coffee can through the sand.
The bowl, or crucible, I use in this video is just a stainless steel mixing bowl. Eventually the constant heating and cooling destroy this. For reference I ran about 6 or 7 melts with this setup before the bowl started flaking out little holes in it.

I am learning in this process myself, and having alot of fun doing so. I have since built a far superior furnace. In this video I was just melting for fun, and to make some ingots for later.

Please use proper safety gear even if I don’t in this video. This will burn you very quickly and eat through clothing faster than you can take it off.

Post time: Nov-23-2016