Taurus Model 85: Alternative Five Shooter

You don’t have to break the bank to get a lightweight carry revolver. The Taurus Model 85 is a adequately-made high value revolver option chambered for .38 Special +P loads. It costs less than half of the excellent scandium framed S&W 340/360 series. Using aluminum frame and stainless cylinder, this Model 85SS2UL weighs about 17 ounces. This represents a 4 to 5 ounce increase over the Smith and Wesson 340 (previously reviewed) and that gun possesses a smoother trigger, higher build quality, and durability (from many reports). But the rest of the capabilities are similar: simplicity of design, concealability (if you can cope with cylinder width), easy of use, no additional components needed (like mags), adequate accuracy, and an excellent service policy if breakage were to occur (better it doesn’t but many report such). The Taurus Model 851SS2ULT (not shown) would be my favorite in the lineup with its lighter 15.5 oz weight and shrouded hammer. For many, the compact revolver makes a lot of sense as a primary defensive pistol and use and many LEOs around the world use it as an effective backup gun. While lacking in the ultimate smoothness and lightweight of the SW scandium framed series, the Model 85 still represents a ggod value and most users will enjoy saving hundreds of dollars while still achieving the similar S&W capabilities. /////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 5 of 10 //////////////////// Update May 2009: Many credible reports indicate breakage and reliability problems with SOME Model 85s. For a bit more money I recommend now the S&W Model 648 Bodyguard (my fav), 642 Centennial, Model 60 or other J-frame revolver over this Model 85.

Post time: Dec-07-2016