How To Install Wire Balustrade – Jaw Swage Bottlescrew for Metal Posts – Learn how to install this versatile wire balustrade system for metal posts that is suitable for straight or angled sections with this animated video.

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Today we will be installing the Jaw Swage Balustrade System into metal posts.

After providing Miami Stainless with your inside to inside post measurements (picture) and receive your hydraulically swaged wires, you can begin by installing your Eye Bolts.

This will require you to insert Blind Nut Rivets into your pre-drilled holes using a nut rivet tool. (Close up of Nut Rivets) To find out more on inserting Blind Nut Rivets see our video on using the HN-02 Nut Rivet tool by visiting our resource section on (Picture)

Screw in the Eye Bolt and tighten the nut to lock it into the post.

Remove the pins from the Fork Terminals on your pre-fabricated wires and attach them to one of your end posts.

If there are any middle posts you will be required to unscrew the wire end of the bottlescrew to thread the wire through them. This will mean that your middle posts need to have a 7.5mm or larger hole drilled in them to allow it to pass through.

You can use Grommets to stop wiring chaffing in the middle posts (Picture).

Now unscrew the bottlescrew so that approximately 20mm is showing on both left and right threads and reattach all the pins to lock in fittings.

With all of your wires attached you can tension them by turning your bottlescrew using a C-Spanner. For accurate and consistent tension you can use a tension gauge. (picture)

Your installation in complete (Show completed install).

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Post time: Dec-06-2016