Diamond Mesh vs. Square Mesh Netting, and Rope Bordering on Nets – Gourock.com Custom Netting Supply

Gourock.com supplies custom netting in both diamond mesh and square mesh patterns. This video provides general context on these two different mesh options, as well as the effects of weaving rope bordering around the perimeter edges of bulk netting sections.

When ordering bulk (unbordered) netting sections, it is recommended to use square mesh pattern. This video demonstrates why square mesh is much more functional to work with in the case of bulk netting supply.
Also demonstrated is how a rope bordering around the perimeter of diamond mesh pattern netting will hold the meshes proportionally and to correct size/area. With a rope bordering on the edges, either diamond mesh or square mesh pattern is great. Rope bordering also adds more material around the edges of the netting, increasing overall strength and durability around the perimeter.
You can have a rope bordering installed and sewn-in by Gourock.com when you order (laced through, and then sewn into place), or alternatively you can use your own length of rope/cord and weave it around the edges of bulk netting on your own.

Gourock.com has many different custom netting options available, and you are able to use the online netting calculators to source any dimensions/sizes that you require for your project. The examples shown in this comparison video aim to help you determine which netting construction options you should consider selecting, and what to expect from them.

Post time: Nov-23-2016