“CZ 455 & 452: Half MOA .22s” by Nutnfancy [Full Review]

The hammer forged CZ 455 and predecessor 452 offer outstanding value. Here’s a walnut and hammer forged steel .22 bolt action rifle that shoots into ½ MOA. Add in the fact that is one of the few .22 bolt action rifles, reasonably priced, that captures old school craftsmanship. They exhibit big game rifle qualities and provide high pride of ownership. Handle a 452/455 and you’ll see what I mean: high polish perfect bluing, sharp CUT [not pressed] checkering on European walnut satin finished stock, and all have impressive fit and finish. You will not find this quality at this price in any other .22 bolt gun. And sure enough the gun is accurate and reliable. In three years of TNP testing in many rounds [including subsonic specialty rds] fired showed the CZ 452 to have on par accuracy with the world’s best factory .22s of any kind; targets and shooting proof in video. Ergonomics such as trigger, bolt manipulation, safety, optics mounting, and more are covered. Facing equally excellent competition in the Ruger 77/22, Savage Mark II series, the Marlin 925 and XT-22 series, Browning T-Bolt and and a handful of others, the CZ 455, especially the combo .17 HMR/.22 LR package, wins in the value equation when both old world craftsmanship and accuracy are sought./////////////////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: 9.5 out of 10

TNP Store: Nutnfancy.Bigcartel;.com

Post time: Dec-02-2016