Cutting Torch Fundamentals by The Welding Fanatic

Learn how to use a cutting torch. Learn some cutting torch terminology. Plus learn how to set it up, safety issues, & how to cut mild steel. The website:
Want to learn how to arc weld, RIGHT NOW?
* I’ll help you get a great start with my ebook: “The Arc And Beyond!”
* It will tell you ALL about welding and related skills.

Are you having trouble with your:
1) Welding equipment? (your welder, your rod, your torch).
2) Welding techniques?
3) Welds breaking?
** My ebook will help you troubleshoot ALL those!**

So you can “run good beads”, but NOW WHAT?
I’ll give you tips about:
1) Designing…
2) Obtaining materials…
3) Preparing to weld…
4) “Laying out” the job…
5) Deciding on the ORDER of assembly…
6) Helping you troubleshoot problems…
7) Plus tips about FINISHING the job!

Go to this link to buy my ebook, “The Arc and Beyond” for $14.44. THANKS:

VICTOR’S suggested gas and oxygen settings. Job size can matter! Link:

Post time: Dec-02-2016