Bluedog Wire Stripper Drill Operated Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine – BWS-38-MF-DA

Joe Williams from Bluedog Wire Strippers shows you how to recycle many different types of wire with the best drill operated (drill not included) wire stripping machine on the market. Can he get it to strip 14GA, 10 AWG, Romex, 14 GA, 3/0 to 500 MCM wire? Watch this video to find out if the BWS-38-MF-DA self adjusting spring tension machine can strip it all! Any questions call us: 866-901-2278

Buy your machine today:

The ultimate hand crank / drill assisted wire stripping machine

-Strips 16GA to 1.5″ Wire
- Easy to use spring tensioned self adjusting design. You won’t have to lower and raise the blade for each wire size
- Has 10 Feed Ports including a port for Romex and a port for shredding paper coated wire
- Easy to Turn Hand Crank included
- Attach a low torque drill for easy wire stripping capability. Save those hands!

Comes with 3 extra blades. Blades are interchangeable.


Post time: Nov-29-2016