Bait Launcher – BaitBullet – now you can also cast far!

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Note: BaitBullet is excellent for Dam, Lake & River fishing but is not recommended for surf fishing due to the extreme winds & currents associated with surf fishing which limit it’s effectiveness……….

BaitBullet is purpose built for casting your baited line a far distance, the build takes into account weight, portability & ease of use but at the same time cost effectiveness & durability through simplicity. The BB Launcher is a compressed air powered bait launcher built 99% from pressure rated PVC, stainless steel, aluminium, rubber & nylon which makes it very weather resistant & light weight, a unique MMAFV (manual mass air flow valve) has been developed & incorporated which delivers excellent C.A. dump capability to cast, with your line, a pre-prepared ice bullet containing your bait, hook & trace. Your sinker, etc is attached externally to your line. A convenient stand supports the launcher and your rod. The standard finish is a black rubberised coating which is protective & durable for outdoor use on rocks & sand. Can also be over sprayed to any colour if desired.

Post time: Dec-17-2016