automatic cable stripper (WPM-09F)

automatic cable stripper (WPM-09F)

Product Name : Dual Wire Cutting and Stripping Machine
Product Model: WPM-09F
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Payment Terms : 100% In Advance
Date of Shipment: 1-5 days
Warranty Terms: One Year Free Warranty


This model is an updated version of WPM-09C, which can strip two wires at one time, so the speed is much higher. You can also strip one wire at a time if you like.


Available Core Cross-Section Range: 0.1 – 2.0mm2 (AWG14 – AWG32)

Max. Conduit Diameter: φ4.5mm

Feature: Can process 2 wires at one time

Cutting Length: 5 ~ 9999mm

Stripping Length: Head 0~35mm, End 0~15mm

Memory Function: Can store Max. 99 group programs

Max. Middle Stripping Section: 11

Cutting Tolerance: ±(0.002×L) (L=Cutting Length)

Speed: 5000~15000pcs/hour

Display Way: English LCD dispaly

Drive Mode: Four wheel drives

Blade Material: Hard tungsten steel

Appropriate Wire: suitable for kinds of wires, such as PVC, Teflon, glass wires, etc.

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz

Power Rating: 180W

Post time: Dec-03-2016